Trip of Ashok Munne

Patalkot Trip

26 jan to 29 jan 2018

Patalkot is an emerging eco-tourism destination because of its geographical and scenic beauty.

Leh Ladakh Trip

20 Jun To 30 Jun 2018

Ladakh is one of the only places left on the planet where Tibetan Buddhism still flourishes.

Melghat Trip

06 May To 16 May 2018

This 2-days camp is organized by ‘Ashok Munne’ under the guidance of Akot Wildlife Division,

Ambagarh Trips

18 Aug To 28 Aug 2018

Ambaghar Fort, one of the memorable destinations of the end, was accepted to be developed around.

Kalsubai trip

02 Oct To 12 Oct 2018

Kalsubai Peak is the Highest Peak of the Sahyadris (1646 M) in the Akole Taluka of Ahmednagar.

Salbardi Trip

08 Nov To 18 Nov 2018

Salbardi is very religious place. And this place is situated in Betul District Of Madhya Pradesh.